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Patreon and Season 4
@aarmora - 5/6/14


We are really excited about this! We really have met with so many amazing people in teams since we have started AD2L. So many of you have been so willing to help us out and support us and have asked for a way to do it. Patreon is a small way to do that. If you are able, you can pledge a small amount each month to help AD2L become even more awesome. The cool thing is, the early prizes are things a lot of you would buy anyway! For example, if you pledge $1 a month, we'll give you that ticket that you were going to buy anyway. There's no committment and you can cancel time. We love you guys and thank you for the support.

Our Patreon Page

About season 4...

Registration is open! And we are doing it a bit differently (again). We're clearly still working on finding the ideal format. As a teaser, we are going to have four different group with many teams invited and some paid slots. If you don't want to pay then don't! Check out our season 4 FAQ here for more information. Go ye forth and sign up! I'm sure you'll have questions. Feel free to ask any of the admins or Seth and I. We'll be more than happy to clarify! Go sign up here!

Other items of business

Seth's sick

Guess what Seth has been doing today. Puking. He's been sick all day. Do you know why? Because he hasn't gotten enough submissions for his ticket design competition! DO IT! Find more info here. (Okay, maybe he's not sick because of lack of submissions. He is sick though, so who's to know exactly the cause.)

Weekend Tournament Series

It was a blast! So many cool teams and having captain's draft was just awesome! We're working on improving it with a good check in system so we can start more timely. We'll be opening up registration for our second tournament soon (likely tomorrow!). A huge thanks to Affinity for running it!

Thanks everyone and good luck in your playoffs and/or prep for next season!!


Open brackets!
@aarmora - 4/13/14

The playoff brackets are out! We're very excited! Round one and round two will be a Best of One and round three forward will be Best of Three. You can play your round one game earlier than Thursday but it cannot be later as we want to play round two games on Thursday immediately after round one games conclude.

We're going to have a few playin games. Seth will contact those that need it. The bracket will show "Team A or Team B". If you are one of those teams, be prepared to play that game before Thursday.

EU round one games will be starting no later than 20:30 CEST this Thursday April 17th. If you are 15 minutes late, you'll be out. I'll be there to help run things along so EU teams can contact me, Rasputin, when needed.

NA round one games will be starting no later than 8:30pm EDT this Thursday April 17th. If you are 15 minutes late, you'll be out. Seth will be there to help run things along so NA teams can contact him, Shadowkiller, when needed.

IF you cannot play on Thursday, it'll be your responsibility to schedule your first game before Thursday. If you win that, you'll be responsible for contacting both of your potential opponents for round two and scheduling them for after Thursday. You may have to use standins!

What if your team didn't make it? I'm sorry. I really am. I hope we get you back next season! We have even better plans for organizing the next season! Thanks so much for playing with us!

What if you don't have a team? Well, come watch! And then be ready to sign up next season in just a few weeks. Check out the bracket here!


Season 3 open playoffs!!
@aarmora - 4/12/14

Open Playoffs!

Top 32 NA and top 32 EU teams will progress to the playoffs. The first two rounds will take place next week (April 17th) and will be Best of One. You can play your round one game before Thursday but it cannot be done after. As soon as the round one games are finished we'll be putting you into your round two games. Round three will be April 24th and the rest of the playoffs will be Best of Three.

I know this is an extremely quick summary. Please let me know if some of it isn't clear!

Small side note

We are looking for volunteer admins. We probably won't be taking everyone but those we've worked with and feel that we can trust. It's mostly my fault. I'm pretty sure that AD2L has taught me that I have trust issues. But, we do need help and we've grown to know and rely on a lot of you already! We're very grateful for you and if you feel like you'd like to put a little time into helping AD2L, it'd be appreciated.


New website/host
@aarmora - 4/8/14

Hello everyone! Hopefully today we'll have out a revamped website! Many things will be similar/the same. There are a lot of awesome changes, however, that we think will make everyone's life easier. There may also, be some unexpected downtime. If you experience any of this or something doesn't appear to be working right, please don't hesitate to email us! Thanks!!

First podcast!
KingKered - 3/13/14

KingKered here to inform you that this Saturday at 10pm EST SirJeezy and I are going to be live on the AD2L stream doing our first Podcast. We'll be going over general announcements for the league, reviewing close games from the Thursday open, showing 'highlights' from the games and talking to various captains participating in the Invitational.

So first off, for us to show your highlights, we need submissions! So after Thursday's games send your sick plays to We should have our courier ported into the game by then as well so we'll be doing some giveaways. To qualify, you need to be following both of our channels on Twitch, Amateurdota2league and Amateurdota2league1. We're super excited for this and hope to see many of you there with Jeezy and I on Saturday!


We created this league because we love to play Dota. We are busy adults but want to have at least one dedicated night a week to play games as an organized team. We want this league to be as simple and user friendly as possible. Most of all we want to have fun and enjoy Dota!

Please, go and sign up. It's as simple as signing with your steam account and submitting your team name and email.

Don't have a team? Sign up as a free agent! We can't guarantee to find you a spot but we will do everything we can to try and find you a team.

No-Shows, Forfeits, Disputes, Coordination and Scheduling


We try to assign every match a default time, you are of course welcome to reschedule at a better time for you and the other team, but both captains must confirm this on the match page on the AD2L site. One captain may propose a change by picking a new time, and the other captain must accept it. Until this happens, everyone is expected to play at the default time shown on the match page. Please check your match pages frequently for comments or changes! From now on (post Season 4-playoffs) each match on the site will have a lobby password generated for it (on the page). You should search for the lobby or create it if it does not exist.


We encourage you to contact the other captain ahead of time to ensure the time works and to coordinate on finding a caster or whatever else you might need. However, should you be unable to find the other team, the ONLY place to look is the AD2L Steam chatsteam://friends/joinchat/103582791435143521. Only captains should communicate in steam chat. Friend requests are unreliable. Guild chat is non-official as we cannot invite everyone in a timely fashion, feel free to use guild chat to find inhouses and RMM players. But if you are looking for an opponent look in steam chat instead.


We recognize that no-shows were a huge problem season 4, and we’d like to clarify the rules for everyone going forward. If all of your players are not in the lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled time, you forfeit both games. We want this to be a fun league and encourage you to scrimmage, but if you are claiming a forfeit win, you must do so BEFORE any games are played. If both captains agree to play late, you may no longer claim a forfeit win. Evidence of a no-show should always be captured (screen shot, etc) and submitted IMMEDIATELY to the email below. We will use the time we receive the email as the final time the match was called.

Reporting and Disputes

We’ve also empowered captains to report scores, it is your job to ensure your teams scores are accurate. Please report each match by editing the score on the match page after your game. If you have an issue you feel the admins need to get involved with, please collect evidence and email, we will only be assisting with requests sent via that account.


We’ve also empowered captains to report scores, it is your job to ensure your teams scores are accurate. Please report each match by editing the score on the match page after your game. If you have an issue you feel the admins need to get involved with, please collect evidence and email, we will only be assisting with requests sent via that account.

Stand ins

Stand ins are totally allowed. We want the games to be played! If you are having trouble filling your roster for the season or just one night, please check the free agent page here or contact us and we'll make sure that you have a full team.

Game Settings

Game Mode: Captains Mode

Home team gets choice between either pick or side.

Version: Tournament

Spectators: AD2L

Cheats: Disabled


Defaults to USE for NA region and EUW for EU region.


Teams are allowed to pause up to three times per match. The opposing team must respect this pause for a minimum of three minutes, but then are free to unpause whenever they wish.


See our FAQ page

Please login via Steam

First things first, please login via steam in the upper right hand corner. Once you're back, click Signup / Edit Info to get back here!